Loyalty Scheme - Eco Lelu Stars

Sign up for our rewards scheme, Eco Lelu Stars, and enjoy a points reward for every £ you spend! These points will then be saved in your account so you may then use them against future purchases - saving you money! 

Ways to earn

Follow on Instagram - 10 Eco Lelu Stars

Share on Facebook - 10 Eco Lelu Stars

Like on Facebook - 10 Eco Lelu Stars

Place an order - 1 Eco Lelu Stars for every £1 spent

Signup - 100 Eco Lelu Stars

Ways to redeem

Order discount - 100 Eco Lelu Stars = £1 (a maximum of £10 off one order)


Give your friends a reward and claim your own when they make a purchase.

They get - £5 off coupon*

You get - £5 off coupon*

*Applies to all orders over £50.00

Please note: Only one discount code may be applied to an order. We reserve the right to amend the Eco Lelu Stars Reward Scheme at any time.