Our Story


Welcome to Eco Lelu - we are so excited to see you here!

Our shop sells beautifully eco-friendly toys that little people will love. We stick to products that are kind to our planet, inspire imagination and are safe for small hands.

Our two boys Roo and Ralphie (head product testers) are the inspiration for our shop. We have loved buying toys that grow with them and their imaginations.

Eco Lelu fell into place following a trip to Finland where we were inspired by the nature and beauty around us: The word ‘Lelu’ means toys in Finnish.

Our key values are to be kind to the planet, source child safe toys and to inspire little ones to explore their imaginations.

Every product we stock will have one or more of the following:

  • sustainably made

  • plastic free

  • made with organic materials

  • zero waste

  • biodegradable

  • ethically produced

We hope you love our shop.

Christie and Barry x