Rich Witch, Poor Witch-Read-Macmillan Books-Eco Lelu

Rich Witch, Poor Witch

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You don't need a wand to work magic!

Witch sisters Rita and Rose couldn't be more different. Witch Rose is poor, and helps others for free, whereas Rita is rich and charges clients huge fees. But when the princess Anna Lucinda Cecilia Grace is too glum to even smile, Witch Rita tries everything from exquisite tiaras and fabulous frocks to conjuring a pet dragon to cheer up the princess, with no success. Just as Witch Rita looks set to lose her fee, Witch Rose arrives at the palace. Will she be able to get the princess to smile?

Rich Witch, Poor Witch is a fantastically funny fairytale from the winners of the Roald Dahl Funny Prize, Peter Bently and Jim Field.


Age: From 3 to 5 years

Size: 216 x 267 x 25 mm